Why a blog?

My husband hates to read.

Imagine that, a writer marrying a man who never…and I mean never, looks with an appealing eye at the written word. It’s a humdinger. On our second date we had some time before dinner and there was a bookstore next to the restaurant. I started babbling about a book I really wanted to read and how much I loved bookstores and he blurted out,

“I hate to read.”

I thought our relationship would end right there in the parking lot. But it did not, for some comic twist in the universe we fell in love, got married and have a tiny dog, Oscar,

Oscar is small but mighty.
Oscar is small but mighty.


and a not so tiny baby, Otto.


Otto, he's kind of awesome.
Otto, he’s kind of awesome.

We are opposites and there are many positives to this, one being that we provide each other with perspective that is completely different from our own. There are also negatives. When I read a fantastic book or think of a great character or line I can’t turn to him for his opinion or thoughts. It’s null and void. It’s not that he doesn’t care about me. It’s that the written word is very low on his priority list.

Josh’s priority list:

  • Sara
  • Baby Otto
  • Farming
  • Excavating
  • Ruling the world
  • Buying big cool equipment
  • Diet Mt Dew
  • Little Debbies
  • Unwrinkled shirts
  • ….other stuff….
  • Mountain Men show on history channel
  • Buying groceries
  • Balancing checkbook
  • Changing poopy diapers
  • reading/writing

So what’s a lover of the written word to do? Start a blog, which I did, but it morphed into something for my environmental adventures (oh yes I’m also an environmentalist) you can read more about those fun times here. This blog is my writing outlet. It’s where I hope to collect my general and creative writing endeavors and to connect with other writers and bloggers. I’m hungry for the written word and I’m in search of other word connoisseurs.

Sometimes opposites attract
My husband hates to read and I’m a writer, so this blog an outlet for everything I love about the written word.


8 thoughts on “Why a blog?”

    1. A nice uncle got it for him, an uncle who should create a blog from one of his dozens of domains. Hint you are mentioned in my blog love page.

  1. A monkey led me to this blog. A big, stinky, beer swilling, filthy Michigan hat wearing, monkey. God only knows how this ape figured out how to mash the keys down on his typewriter, but he did link to this more sophisticated blog. 🙂

    1. I’m glad the ape could direct you this way. I also hate his Michigan hat, but he does have his good moments. Thanks for reading. I hope you continue to find sophisticated posts !

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